God I’m excited to have a special Christmas with Jamie. So much has changed this year. I’m happy :)

Sunday Dec 12 @ 10:19pm

Coming back on here after however many months is abit strange.

Looking back at how sad and down I was makes me realise how fucking happy I am now.

Thank you Jamie


Saturday Oct 10 @ 05:58pm

I can’t sleep. Everything right this second has gone to shit and I’m in bed on the verge of crying. At nearly one in the morning when I have to be up in 6 hours.
Fuck I wish I didn’t have a brain at night. Things at the pub have bought everything back.
I miss him.

Monday Jul 7 @ 11:52pm

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on here, but as the last few weeks have been pretty rubbish I thought I’d come and write.

Had an absolutely amazing time away with Annabel. I think it’s what we both needed. Was good to just do nothing, spend time in the sun reading and go out and eat nice food and drink lots of free alcohol. The Greeks are so nice! Being away and keeping in touch with the few people I did was nice. It was weird how things got between me and Rob but god, we’ve been friends through so many weird things I think our odd times are allowed. 

Kept getting missed calls from a unknown number when I got back which I thought was the pub trying to get me into work. Turns out it wasn’t! On Matt’s 21st I wake up to another missed call a couple minutes earlier from a foreign number. Google the area code, its from Australia. Biggest heartattack but prank the number and seconds later get a phonecall back from him. Was the best sound hearing his voice after 6 months. I don’t think anyone could understand how amazing it was. Yes he was very drunk, yes he has a stupid accent, but I fucking miss my best friend. Ending a text to him with ‘lots of love’ perhaps wasn’t the most sensible of things while he was drunk, but getting ‘love you’ back wasn’t a bad thing. I miss him. But fuck it, I am happy. He is happy. And we have promised to see each other when he is back so I am happy.

Coming home from holiday to find out we are getting new management at work and nobody knows if they are keeping their jobs was definitely not great though. So it’s all a waiting game and everyone is pretty much pooing themselves. Joys. But I am now Nat where the hotel takeover is concerned next year whilst she is on maternity leave which I’m quite happy about! Something to keep me busy assuming I’m still there. It’s good to know that the college have agreed to it though, I must be doing something right!

This week as a whole has been pretty meh though. Tuesday was a horrible day. Wake up to find mum and dad gone to the doctors, and a hour later dads in hospital. Being at work wasn’t ideal. Was very glad to get him home 12 hours later and alive. Fuck A&E for screwing us all around. Just very glad they know what is the matter and are sorting things out next week. Tuesday was horrible. Tuesday I needed my best friends. But they were all out of the country!

And now it’s Saturday night. I’m home from having been at the pub all day. Won’t lie it has been stressful dealing with everyone trying to set me and Stuart up. Got to the point where I’m just agreeing to everything to get them off my back. Wish he was more talkative to either tell them to fuck off or actually talk to me though! Jeez whoever said guys were forthcoming was very wrong. It’s going to be all the same tomorrow and I can’t help but feeling its going to get a little too much all 9+ hours of it. Oh well.

Roll on day off Monday.

Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:55pm

I really want this

Thursday Jun 6 @ 11:00pm

I don’t think any of this is a good idea but talking to you has made me realise how happy and good I am. I don’t like knowing you’re missing home and how unsettled you are. I need to stop thinking about it and go to sleep. But yes I do miss you. Just not like before.

Thursday Jun 6 @ 12:08am

sometimes i wish i was a guy so i really didnt give a shit.

Thursday May 5 @ 04:52pm

That’s kind of gutting /:

Thursday May 5 @ 01:19pm
done it again Wednesday May 5 @ 11:04pm

finally being honest to someone for the first time in forever has made me feel so much better. it made me cry.

Monday May 5 @ 10:51pm
cannot frigging wait till 20th!!

hello Kos and week of sun, sea and sand :)

Monday May 5 @ 05:07pm
so frigging excited for Kos

4 weeks today :D

Wednesday May 5 @ 11:32pm
you need to be well and truly out of my head before you come home

i dont want a month of my summer ruined

Tuesday May 5 @ 07:24pm
is it just me or are people stupid?

' instant coffee? what do you mean?'


Tuesday May 5 @ 04:29pm

You don’t realise how lonely you are until it’s pointed out.

Monday May 5 @ 01:52am

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